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Visintin, Carlos Del Negro, & Aiello-Vaisbgerg, Tânia Maria José. (2017). Motherhood and social suffering in brazilian mommy blogs. Psicologia: teoria e prática19(2), 98-107



The purpose of this study is to investigate the collective imaginary about
motherhood. It is justified since, in contemporary society, motherhood appears associated with socially determined sufferings, despite its rewarding facets. It is organized around the use of the psychoanalytic method, here operationalized regarding investigative procedures of a survey, selection, register, and interpretation of posts from Brazilian blogs. The consideration of the material allowed the interpretative production of two fields of affective-emotional meaning: “I am a mother, therefore I am”, and “Exclusive mother”. These fields indicate the prevalence of a collective imaginary that, with heavy demands on women, promotes emotional suffering.