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Tachibana, M., Montezi, A. V., Barcelos, T. F., Sirota, A., & Aiello-Vaisberg, T. M. J. (2014). Who are the teenagers of today? Collective imaginary of Brazilian teacher. International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 5 (1), 47-49.


This research aims at investigating the collective imaginary of high school teachers regarding teenagers nowadays. It is based on the perspective that the school environment plays an important role in the process of emotion growth, and that this environment is highly affected by the teachers’ behavior. As an empirical psychoanalytical study, this investigation is composed of individual interviews with five teachers using the Drawing-Story with Theme procedure as a dialogical mediating resource. Transferential narratives were then written based on the clinical encounter and considered psychoanalytically, alongside the drawing-stories, allowing the perception of two affective-emotional fields, “naturally alienated” and “defensively alienated”. It is our understanding that these two fields might guide teachers to different conducts in regards to their young students, ranging from an equally alienated behavior in the classroom to attempts at closing the distance between them

Palavras-chave: Teacher, adolescence, collective imaginary, D. W. Winnicott, qualitative research.

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